Monday, March 23, 2009

Mountain series

Awhile back I made a small art piece with 3 images: Mountains, Pine Cone and Aspen Leaf. I gave it to my friend Melanie who recently moved from Flagstaff, but I love the design, so I decided to do a series of them yesterday. My sewing machine is in the shop for it's annual cleaning and servicing, but I figured I could get the fabrics cut and fused. Here's where it's at so far:

The next step will be to add decorative stitching, then separate them and add the final edging.

Here is a picture of the first one I completed:
Two changes I made on the series: 1) I am using batik fabric with a pine cone motif instead of creating my own 2) I cut out the aspen leaf and fused it to the background instead of stamping the design. The original leaf didn't show well, so I ended up stitching over it, but I wanted it to stand out more on the new ones. I also altered the background color for the pine cones. I may also modify the division lines between the sections this time. I'm leaning toward maybe fusing ribbon instead of stitching, to give it a cleaner line. Stay tuned...

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