Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recycled Art piece

Yesterday I decided to play around with an idea for a piece for our upcoming Recycled Art show. I have had fabric in my stash of commercial fabrics for eons... at least 18-20 years! I have kept it because I loved the colors and patterns, even though all I had was scraps, but I told myself 'Some day I'll find a use for these!'. Well, I did, at least for a portion of them. It's not totally complete yet... I still need to finish the wood piece it's mounted on, and I may add some more embellishments, but essentially it's done:

This piece is waaaaaay outside the box for me! First off, I left the edges raw, which is very uncomfortable for me, but I wanted a spontaneous, organic look. Also, I had to work to keep it from looking too 'thrown together', even though in essence, that's what it is. I used very little pre-planning, just a vague image in my mind of what I wanted. In the end, the wood piece and the butterfly were afterthoughts, but I think both added immensely to the look I was after. I named it 'Woodwind', because of the wood, and the fact that the slightest breeze causes the fabric to shift. I could have called it 'Waterfall', which it also resembles, but I think I'll stick to 'Woodwind' for now. I plan to finish the wood to protect it, and I need to attach something in the back to hang it from. Right now, I have it resting on nails, but I think I should do something more. Anyway, that's my story for today!


Connie Rose said...

It's beautiful Judy -- can't wait to see it finished. I echo what you said about unfinished edges! I'm finding I can handle it if I lightly fringe the edges...but I'm not comfortable seeing frayed edges with stray threads hanging on many folks' quilts these days!

Michele said...

Wow, it is beautiful! Congrats on finally finding a use for that lovely fabric.