Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Fabric post cards

I have finally found time and inspiration to try making fabric post cards, after over a year of immersing myself in fiber arts projects! I guess it takes what it takes. Anyway, I had a piece of fabric I had dyed and stamped a few months ago, and I pulled it out and decided to try my hand at post cards. I also bought some really neat 'eyelash' yarn recently which had a good color combination that blends with the fabric. I also dug into my stamp stash and added a little metalic embellishment with some Lumiere fabric paint I bought awhile back. Here's the result:
I have no idea how others make these, but I fused the background fabric to pellon, fused some cut shapes to the background fabric, stitched down the yarn with a zigzag stitch, then added the gold stamps. Then I cut out the cards, used glue stick to attach to watercolor paper cut to the same size, then finished the edges with a satin stitch. I may go back and add some beading on the yarn... not sure yet. At any rate, I'm sure this won't be the last batch I cook up!

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linda stokes said...

Lovely postcards Judy!