Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hand-stitched piece

Last spring, I started a hand-stitched piece using cotton crinkle cloth, hand-dyed, gauze, various colored threads, and embroidery floss. Lately, I adjusted one of the chimney rocks and added some boulders with more fabric and fusible interfacing. I thought I would post a picture of
where it's at so far:

This is one of those pieces that just meanders... I don't work at it all the time, just when I have time to sit for awhile. I don't know what more I will be doing to it, but seem to be inspired when I pick it up. Ideas come, and I have a photograph of the Monument Valley that I refer to for inspiration. I have an idea that this will end up being framed when it is complete, rather than adding a border. We'll see...

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