Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quilt update

I finally began quilting my 'Girl at the Beach' quilt yesterday, after much struggle to get the bobbin tension just right! I ended up loosening the adjustment screw so much, it fell out and immediately hid from view in the carpet. I was thinking I would need to go to the yardage store to get a replacement, when it occurred to me that I had a magnet, and might be able to find the screw that way. Yup! The minute I put that little magnet down in the area where the screw disappeared, it came right to the magnet! Once I got it screwed in and gave my stitching another try, the tension was just right! So here's a picture of the beginning of the quilting:

I seem to go through 'quilt-phobia' each time I start to free-motion quilt... I wonder if anyone else has that problem? It's like.... OOOOOOH, NOOOOOO! I ruined it! Well, after quilting the sand, I decided to use a satin stitch to highlight the clouds, and after doing one section, I said... OOOH, NOOOO! It's too dark and heavy! So, I got to spend lots of time picking out the stitches, and now there are 2 sets of holes where the stitching went in:

I'm hoping they won't show up too much! I'm going to use grey thread to stitch over the lines this time....

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