Sunday, October 5, 2008


This year, we have been visited a lot by a flock of blue colored birds... not sure if they are Arizona's version of Blue Jays or just bluebirds. Anyway, they swoop down in large numbers about twice a day to feed at the bird feeders I have put up. What a beautiful sight!
They're a pretty noisy bunch, and tend to push aside the smaller birds. But they only stay a short while, then they are off on another adventure! We get a flock of smaller black birds that are fun to watch too, but I haven't been able to get their picture yet. It's almost time to switch from loose seed to the seed blocks for snowy weather! We actually got some snow on the peaks yesterday... and I turned on the furnace this morning for the first time since about May!
I spent some time working on a commission quilt this weekend, as well as finishing up some shirts for a client. Then I used up a bunch of dye on some long-sleeve T-shirts. I have a craft show next weekend, and figured it won't hurt to have a few extras. Now I'm all out of my hangers, so guess it's time to wait until I've sold some of my existing stock, which has grown a lot this year!

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Plain Jane said...

oooooh. LOVE this photo and the idea of a flock of blue birds!