Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spray dyeing

I just tried spraying dye on fabric with leaves pinned on top. Unfortunately, the leaves were some I got a few years ago at Michaels... fall foliage... and they had dried out considerably. So I pre-soaked in water, then took a sprig and placed it on the fabric, then pinned the leaves to hold them in place. Of course, there were places where the edges pulled away from the fabric, allowing some of the spray to go under the leaves. So the image isn't as clear as I wanted, but I will be trying this technique again with better leaves. I set up a protected area in my studio, but I think future efforts will be done in the garage, just to avoid mishaps. Here is a picture of the
fabric, just after I completed spraying:

I used 3 colors over a pink/peach/mauve fabric - rust orange, dark green, and 'mystery brown', so-called because it was a mixture I made to try and mimic true rust color, as in rust-dyeing rust, but it didn't come out close enough. But it still works here!

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Plain Jane said...

wonderful colors. Very fallish, and the vague impression of leaves is cool