Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rainy day session

Today was another one of those 'putter' days... a little of this, a little of that. No pictures to show for it, but I got several little things completed or on their way. I re-dyed a tank that didn't come out right the first time... it's 'batching' until tomorrow; tie-dyed a 'do-rag' for a friend who is losing his hair due to chemo, even though he doesn't have cancer. Tomorrow I will dye a watch-cap for him as well; made a pillowcase as part of a community project for the Quilters' Guild (1 down, 2 to go); then I tackled a stack of unfinished grocery totes so I can have them ready for a craft show over Labor Day weekend. Oh, yes... I caught up with 4 months of paperwork for my biz! That was the biggie of the day. I used to be so anal about posting to the spreadsheet regularly, but this past year I have really slacked off.... time to get rid of that bad habit!
One nice thing about this kind of day is it allows my mind to meander. I am mentally working out some issues for a commissioned baby quilt that I NEED to get started on soon. I am also kicking around some ideas for designs to put on Grocery Totes to sell at our arboretum. Then there's the mental list I'm building of items I still want to complete for the upcoming Mountain Holiday Craft show in November. I also need to decide PDQ if I am going to sign up for 2 other smaller craft shows. One I have sold at for 5 years, and up until last year I did really well. Last year was a financial bust, so now I'm a little gun-shy. Especially after posting my revenue/expense for the year and realizing how much more money has gone out than come in! Yeesh! So I'll sleep on the 2 craft shows and decide tomorrow whether to go or not... now I think I'll take a break and enjoy the rain!

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