Monday, August 18, 2008

August in Flagstaff

It's August, and with August comes the Brown-eyed Susan, a medium-sized sunflower that grows wild here. Our whole valley turns a bright, sunny yellow. The plants grow to at least 6 feet in most cases, so when you drive or walk down the road towards the highway, you are surrounded by them! It's really incredible. I love that they sprout up without any urging on my part. Oh, and this year, we got a lovely shrub that I haven't seen before, with yellow daisy-like flowers.
Here's what it looks like in front of our storage shed looking southeast:

And here is the 'mystery shrub':

And of course, we have the perennial crows hanging around the bird feeder:

My poor bird feeder... it's warped on the bottom, the lid has to be weighted down to keep the wind from blowing it off, the birds have figured out how to remove the plexiglass to get at the seed. I think it's time to replace it!

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