Saturday, March 8, 2008

Embellishing the rocks

I have completed preliminary stitching on the rocks... I chose to use a satin stitch to outline the shapes, then began handwork using embroidery floss to create highlights and shadows. After working on the center rock, I have decided to study the piece a little before I continue. I'm not sure the additional detail is going to improve the piece, and I may remove what I have done and just use free-motion stitching to add visual interest to the rocks. Here's where I stopped:

Below is a detail of the center rock where I used the embroidery:

On another note, I got tired of putting thumb tack holes in my wall, so I created a design board of sorts using a scrap piece of baseboard molding and some flannel, so now I can clip my work to the flannel or pin it for distance viewing... woo-hoo!

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