Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reflections, projections

Happy new year to you all! I don't know about anyone else out there, but I have had a really fabulous year, starting with the class I took in July from Melly Testa. I had been in a creative rut for a long time, and her class blasted me out of the rut and gave me the tools to find whole new vistas, creatively speaking. Then a couple of months later, I met Linda, who has become a wonderful friend. She inspires me greatly with her beautiful artistic creations, and encourages me to grow in many different directions, creatively. She is teaching me to watercolor, I am teaching her to dye fabric, and we have great fun whenever we get together.

So now we are in 2008. I have set myself some ambitious goals, one of which is to create an art quilt to submit to Quilting Arts' Calendar contest. I have a little over 60 days to complete it and get it in the mail... So far, I have a preliminary design, but haven't got much further. I am also working on putting together several pieces to show and (hopefully!) sell at our local Artists' Marketplace in May. I have one finished, one almost complete, and just started one. My goal is to have at least 6 completed, so I'm well on my way to achieving that goal.

I plan to attend at least one class of the Surface Design Symposium this summer, and may submit a piece for the participants' exhibit. What I am trying to do this year is get over the fear of exposure, i.e., put my work out there where others can see it! This blog has helped me to work on my rejection issues, but I need to go further and I have some great encouragement in my friend, Linda. She has been selling her art for some time, and is helping me to believe in my abilities. I am on the brink of realizing a lifetime dream, and it's really scary, but exhilirating as well.

Alright, enough with the words! I will close with a picture of the cityscape I painted many years ago, which is the design I hope to translate into fiber this month:

Stay tuned, and I will post pix of the art quilt when I have completed it!

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Melly Testa said...

i believe in you. rejections from shows are not personal, they help you to grow artisticly. and you get back up and try again.