Thursday, January 25, 2018

Adventures in Mixed Media

I shared in my last post about some of the mixed media techniques I have begun to explore.  I am continuing my explorations, and think this year I will finally make enough progress to be able to use the techniques in my art. 
I ordered a wonderful DVD by Carol Nelson, "New Approaches to Mixed Media Materials", and really love what I have learned so far!  I'm sure I will watch it again many times as I try the different techniques she demonstrates, and hope to have some examples to show here soon.
While I was waiting for the DVD to arrive, I browsed my bookshelves and discovered I had a Cloth Paper Scissors Book "Techniques and Inspiration for Creating Mixed-Media Art" by Barbara Delaney.  As I flipped through it, I found an article "Paper Collage Quilts" by Annette Morgan, and rediscovered a section I found inspiring when I first read the book, giving ideas and instruction on making a long panel using fabric, torn paper, dyed sticks, and hand stitching.  I was ready to give it a try, using painted papers I did last year, along with some twigs from the yard that I dyed, some paper and fabric beads, painted corrugated cardboard and stitched embellishments.  Here is my first one:

I hope to find a shadow box to display it in.  The finished panel is about 5 1/2" by 13", which is small, but it is a great size for trying the technique out.  I have another one partly completed:

It's a challenge to decide how to embellish in a way that will add to the visual interest, but also enjoyable as I see the piece change and become more of a piece of art.  
I look forward to continuing my journey, and will add more posts as I continue learning these wonderful new techniques!  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Playing with other mediums

Seems like I'm right back where I was a year ago - playing outside the box!  I've been working with fiber in one form or another for years... my comfort zone.  But I keep trying to expand my horizons, and the first part of the year seems to be my time to do that.  After another successful year selling at the Arts Connection Gallery in Flagstaff, I know that the next few months will be a slow time for sales... perfect opportunity to dabble, play, experiment with new things.  So this year, so far my dabbling has returned to mixed media, specifically air dried clay and composition using various mediums - cardboard, spackling paste, tyvek among others.  Here are a few pix of what I've done so far:

 I started with a piece of corrugated cardboard, coated with gesso, then added texture with spackling paste.

Here are a couple of shapes I made with terra cotta colored air dry clay.  I've done a little with this medium before, but really want to improve my skills... I can see several ways I would like to use it in my art, and it is far easier to use than regular kiln-fired clay.
Tyvek is another material I have been interested in for several years.  I have experimented with envelopes so far, but ordered a pack of tyvek to really delve into using it.  Here, I painted a few pieces, then manipulated it using my heat gun and teflon ironing sheets.
Here, I'm starting to play with some arrangements on the cardboard.  I plan to paint over the surface first, but wanted to start "what-iffing" with exposed cardboard, dyed cheese cloth, newspaper and my clay medallion.  Stay tuned for further developments!