Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's ahead for me in 2016...

2015 is winding down quickly... time to look forward to 2016, and what's ahead for me.

New product - Waterfall jacket

More time and sales at our new "Arts Connection" co-op gallery

New product - Chiffon Scarf

Thanks to all who have supported my efforts in 2015, and I hope to entice you to continue in 2016! 

 Happy New year!


Lynda said...

Beautiful stuff! Can't wait to see what your 2016 looks like. Happy New Year my friend!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Looking forward to more colorful posts from you in the New Year!

Beth said...

I like, I like!!
Happy (successful and creative) New Year Judy

Jeanne Aird said...

Beautiful waterfall jacket Judy.Is that rayon? Happy 2016! It's bright and sunny where I live in California today. Let's hope that's an omen for this year!