Thursday, December 5, 2013

Early Winter and projects

Well, it's here, folks!  Winter has come to the North Country with sub-freezing temps, arctic winds and the promise of more snow in the forecast!  I just started the first fire of the season:
Then I braved the elements again to get this shot of the icicles hanging from the front of the patio room;

Earlier, I went out and checked the thermometer on the front of the garage, and it was about 24 degrees at about 10:30am!  Brrrr.... however, a quick check of the greenhouse thermometer showed a toasty 65... think I'll be spending a little more time out there to warm up!
On the creative front, I am experimenting with a few new coiled bowl shapes:

The one above has a trim along the top of beads... they don't show well in the photo, but they catch the light nicely.
This one is wider at the bottom than I usually make them, with sides that are gently sloped.  I curved the top row inward slightly to make it look more rounded.  I am spending time right now learning some new techniques to make different shapes... hopefully I will find it easy to adapt, because I really want to expand my offerings in this area to include some new looks.
Lastly, I got a baggie of fabric in the mail yesterday from Deb Lacativa, a fellow fiber artist and dyer:

I pressed them this morning and sorted into colorways, although most of the first batch I put together because they are hand dyed damasks.  Deb uses a lot of these in her hand-stitched fiber art creations, and I have been intrigued by them for awhile now.  I don't yet know what I will be doing with these gems, but I'm hoping to come up with a special project to use them on.  I'll be sure to post results here, so keep a look out!  Okay, back to work I go, Heigh-ho, heigh-ho!

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