Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So many inspirations, so little time!

Every once in awhile, I get a spurt of inspiration to try different things, so I'm used to these little bursts of creative juices flowing, but lately it seems like I'm really being charged up... much more than normal!  Must be sun spots, or my planets are all in perfect alignment!  Today I got hit with several ideas at once, but managed to stay focused on one long enough to see it through to completion.  I have been doing a lot of coiled fabric bowls lately, and decided to try making one with a piece of tie-dye fabric:

This was a fabric I had dyed in a class awhile back to demonstrate the diagonal fold... I had no immediate plans for it and knew I could always dye another, so I decided to cut it up to make the bowl:
I folded it in half and cut 1 inch strips, then I began with the left most strip and started coiling around my clothesline:
As I finished coiling each strip, I began with the next strip from the left side of the strips, continuing until I had used up all the strips:

 Here's the finished bowl, front and top views.  Finished size is about 7 1/2" x 2 1/4", a great size to try out my inspiration!  I plan to try using some of my swirl pattern on one as well, to see how the colors come out.  I really love making these bowls and have lots of ideas for different color combinations!  I think I'm going to call this one my "Rainbow Bowl"... kind of fits, don't you think?  


Connie Rose said...

This is very cool, Judy. I love the fabric and I love the bowl!

Carol said...

How clever - it came out great! Isn't it fun to have a head full of energetic ideas!!

Sherrie Spangler said...

Looking groovy!

Cinde Dalhover said...

Definately a good one! Love your bowls