Monday, February 25, 2013

Stash buster project

For years, I have been wanting to make purses.  I must have at least 8 purse or tote patterns in my pattern boxes, purchased over a long period.  Each one had features I liked, but something got in the way of my making one of them up... either it needed a zipper, which I have always had trouble with, or it was the wrong size, or the wrong shape... as a result, I never got around to making any of them!  But recently, I followed a tutorial on making a tote for my laptop, and decided to see if I could make something similar to use as a purse.   I pulled one of my patterns out and discovered it had a simple design at its core, so I started there.  The finished  size was larger than I wanted, so I took a tuck in the middle before cutting.  And I decided to do a simple flip and stitch directly onto some warm and natural batting, then figured I would line it and add some pockets inside.
The pattern called for making straps that would encircle the bag on both sides, but I realized I had some grosgrain ribbon that would do the trick, so that saved some time and effort.  I ended up taking tucks on the top of each strap to shorten them, and that added a little stability to the straps where they rest on my shoulder.  

Here is the bag loaded with my stuff. 

I made 3 pockets - one is split in half and is just big enough for my keys and a few other small items.  
On the other side of the inside are two pockets - one is split in half, and carries my cell phone and lipstick.  Then over that and slightly below, I made a pocket large enough for my check book.  Then the bulk of my stuff is in the main part of the bag.
What I loved about making this purse is that it helped me to finally get past the block I have had for so long!  And I learned how much I really do know about constructing purses and pockets.  I plan to test this design for awhile and make sure it works well, then hope to make several over the next few months for the craft shows I will be selling at this year.  I have plans as well to test a messenger bag, although I don't think I will use flip and stitch for that style.  
Lesson learned - it's time to stop letting bad experiences from my younger days of learning how to sew get in the way of doing what I want to do!  Maybe it's time to try zippers again!


Carol said...

I love the inside pockets - nice touch!

Beth said...

Nice bag!!

Beth said...

Nice bag Judy