Friday, October 19, 2012

Nook Cover

After my post here about my new Kindle Covers, I got an inquiry from someone about a Nook cover... naturally, I had to give one a try!  I had to adjust some of the dimensions as the Nook is longer than the Kindle, and I think a little thicker.  I made a prototype, and got over to Barnes & Noble with it yesterday. I was allowed to try a real nook in it to see how it fits, and I think it will work!
I made a little gusset on the top holder to allow for the Nook to slide in a little easier, but I actually don't think it's necessary.  The facsimile I made up of foam board was squared on the corners, and the Nook's corners are rounded, making it easier to slide in top and bottom.  At any rate, I think I'm ready to make up a few more of these, hopefully in time for the Artists' Marketplace coming up on November 3rd!
Here's a shot of it closed:
I put 2 sets of Velcro dots on this one to ensure it would stay closed, and also widened the spaces between the covers and the middle to accommodate the additional thickness of the reader.  So glad I got a chance to try it on a real reader!

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Bridget said...

Love all your creations! I have been slow to finish anything, so you are an inspiration to get going! Thanks!