Thursday, September 20, 2012

Remember this post?  I've been looking at these fabrics periodically, trying to come up with ideas for how I can use them.  Well, I went back to a project I did... was it last year, or maybe the year before?  I don't remember!  But at any rate, I'm trying to add some inventory for the last two shows of the year, and made this up yesterday:

These go together fairly quickly, and they make nice gifts.  I really love this fabric, and have plans for other projects... first thing I'm going to try is a Kindle cover.  I have a friend with a Kindle, and we were e-mailing about what she would like... she described one that I saw a freebie pattern for, so I'm going to download the instructions and try it on scrap fabric first to see how it goes together.  Might end up being a new item in my inventory if I can get going on it soon enough!
Meanwhile, I had an order recently for some hand dyed sun visors, and I ordered a couple of extras in case I had one that didn't come out.  Ended up with one dyed and one un-dyed, so I will probably put them in my shop as soon as the second one is dyed.  Here's the first one:
I used a foam brush to apply the dyes, and it worked out pretty good!  I'll have to get some more of these next year when the weather starts getting warm again.
Meanwhile, I have been experimenting with using thickened dyes to paint with, and posted about it here
and here where I have been invited to join as a Resident Artist!  Each month, one of the members or guest artists posts about a fiber arts technique, then the rest of the group experiments with the technique and posts about their experiments.  So far, I have tried sugar syrup resist and painting realistically with thickened dyes.  Sometime next year, I will be contributing articles about techniques that I choose, so stay tuned and I'll point you over there if you are interested.  Meanwhile, I have a pile of silk and silk/rayon scarves to dye up for the last two shows I'm in this year, coming in November, and a fridge full of dyes already mixed up that I need to use up... so much to dye, so little time!