Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday's Dye class

Saturday, my friend Wendy and I taught the "Pigments of your Imagination" class to 5 lovely ladies in Wendy's garage, which has become THE place to take dye classes!  

Here's our happy bunch toward the end of the day.  What a blast!  Just like finger painting for grown ups, only we weren't acting too grown up!  Yeah!!  Wendy (center in the dark top) taught the first half, focusing on solid color, single color gradation and color crossover.  After lunch, I demonstrated folds and how to apply the dyes with squeeze bottles.  By 3pm we were all worn out, and the ladies had lots of samples to take home and batch overnight... I'm waiting anxiously for photos of their work.  Meanwhile, here are some pix of the samples I demonstrated:
Double Rainbow Swirl


Double "Ess" accordion fold

Two color scrunch

Soon as I get some pictures of the students' work, I'll post for all to see.  Great way to spend a Saturday... dyeing with the gang! 


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