Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work in progress

I have been using soy wax more this year to create batik designs on my clothing, and really love the results! So I decided to go a little beyond just single images on t-shirts... this time, I am working on a rayon poncho, using found objects to stamp designs with wax, followed by brushing on dyes.  Here's a picture of the front... still have to dye the back, but because of the size, I have to do it in sections, then let the dyes dry before moving to the next section.

Once I finish the initial dyeing on the back, I plan to do some more waxing, then I may overdye the whole piece with black, or I may decide to continue brushing on dyes, using some different colors.  My dilemma right now is whether to leave some of the piece un-dyed... I like the white showing through, but I am concerned that the dye may bleed and discolor the white.  So I have to give it some thought before I progress much further.  I will post a picture of the final piece soon! 

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