Thursday, February 23, 2012

More batik

I've made progress on my batik line... one thing I discovered is that if I have a design with easy to see markings, I can slip it under the shirt when I have stretched the shirt over a foam board and secured, and I see the design well enough through the shirt so I can trace it onto the shirt, rather than having to cut a stencil and trace thru the stencil onto the shirt. A time-saver for sure!
So here are a couple of rompers I finished yesterday:
I didn't have great light when I took these shots... the dyes are actually brighter in person.
I also want to see if I can have a couple of thermofax screens made up of some of the batik designs I have been making, so I can make a printed variation, although I really do love the crackled effect I get with the soy wax.
I just put another shirt into a dye bath that has a batik lotus blossom... I really like the design, and hope to make more of them if this comes out well.
Meanwhile, I'm off in the morning to Scottsdale for an overnight stay with a friend... so amy more batik will have to wait until Sunday... have a great weekend!

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