Friday, December 23, 2011


I have a friend who is a very talented artist living in Washington state. We don't get to talk much these days, but we do exchange Christmas cards and an annual phone call. Usually we send pictures of what we have been working on each year, and this year I wanted to send a picture of the Dyeing class I co-taught with my friend Wendy last August. Trouble is, I never got any shots of the class, only samples of the dyed fabrics! I put out the word yesterday, and got these from one of the students:
Wendy is standing in front of the table, and I am in back getting ready to demo the 'scrunch'.
Here, I'm explaining how I dye the scrunch after preparing it.
This was the second dye class Wendy and I have taught, and we already have our thinking caps on coming up with ideas for what we plan to teach next summer.... fun!

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