Saturday, October 22, 2011

My latest product!

I am really excited to announce a brand new product I am offering in my Artfire store! I have culled through my collection of photographs, taken over the past 10 years, and selected 5 images, all from the west, and have created packaged notecard sets!
Each set has 2 notecards each of the 5 images (see above). All but one come from Northern Arizona, but I also put one in from my recent trip to Taos, N.M. Cards measure 4 1/4 X 5 1/2, and comes with envelopes. You can see them here. I'm really thrilled with how they came out, and hope to work on additional sets to be offered in the coming year. Not exactly tie-dye or fiber arts, but still a project I have had in mind for a long time... hope you like them!

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Connie Rose said...

Very cool, Judy. I hope you do well with them!