Saturday, April 2, 2011

Looky what I got!!!

I have been an off-again, on-again gardener for years, mostly off... I love having beautiful flowers, veggies and herbs... just seems like I can't get myself organized early enough to have enough grow time for everything, especially here in Northern Arizona.  I have thought about getting a cold frame to start plants, but couldn't find either a source or even a kit to assemble, and I gave away my power tools a long time ago.  But the good news is... I have a neighbor who is a contractor, and I ran into him the other day at a Home and Garden show, right after I visited the Master Gardeners' booth which had photos of cold frames!  I sent Lawrence over to look at the photos, and told him I wanted one... well, here it is!

He just delivered it yesterday, so it doesn't have any plants in it yet, but I have lots of seeds, peat cups, starter mix, plant food... of course now we are due for two days of wind followed by 2 days of sunshine(during which I hope to get some seeds planted and in the frame!) followed by several days of rain.  So hopefully the next photo I take will have a slight green tinge to it... the sign of sprouting seedlings! 

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