Monday, July 5, 2010

Slow Cloth update

Okay, as promised I just took pictures of my progress on "Astral Exhibit" to keep you in the loop. I just looked back, and the last time I can find a post about this piece is from January 20! REAL SLOW CLOTH!!! So here is a photo of the overall piece as it is now:

I was working on the large comet in the upper left corner in January, and finally finished outlining it with metallic thread a week or so ago... what a chore! I have not used metallic thread before, and found it really challenging. Here is a closeup:

I tried using beads on the tips as embellishments, but ended up removing them as they did not add to the overall look I was trying to achieve. That's when I decided to outline the comet with metallic thread. I wanted sparkle, but the thread was difficult to manipulate. The other two comets will be outlined with regular embroidery floss, and I will figure out a way to embellish them differently.
On the bottom left is one of the "Asteroids" with a center embellishment made of tyvek. I first painted a piece of tyvek with Lumiere paint, then used my iron to heat it, causing the bubbly texture. I will be putting the same center in the other two "Asteroids" when I get further along.

If you're wondering what caused me to create this particular design, I can tell you it was total whimsy. I was auditioning some of my hand-dyed fabrics trying to come up with a way to use them... as I moved the pieces around on the design board, I started to "see" something, and by the time I began to work on the piece, it had evolved to "Astral Exhibit". We have an Observatory here in Flagstaff, and that may have also inspired me, along with the fabulous view of the stars we get here on clear nights! We are a low-light community due to the Observatory, so that keeps the skies darker than in the more populated areas. Great place to see the Milky Way and comet showers!
Okay, back to work... I'll post more soon!


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I love it, thanks for the details in your description!

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