Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flash Flooding!

We got hit with extensive flooding in our area yesterday... runoff from rain that hit the peaks where we had the fire last month. We now have a river running through the lower corner of our property:

This shot is looking at the flow from our next door neighbor's yard. The water and debris took down the fence, and pretty much ignored the sand bags and straw wattles we had positioned to divert the flow away from the garage.
This shot is looking from our back deck at the flow across our property, with neighboring properties in the background. The two properties in the background were heavily flooded, and the property to our east had flooding across their horse pasture.
At one point, we got in our Jeep and drove out to the highway, which was a little dicey at spots. We live on dirt roads unmaintained by the county, and at the end of the road where we turn towards the highway, the runoff coming down from the mountain was very strong. Once on the highway, we discovered all vehicles had been stopped in both directions due to water overflowing from the side ditches. We stayed out there for about 30 minutes waiting for the runoff to subside, then I ended up hiking back to our house while my hubby went back to get the Jeep. Needless to say, I was pretty muddy by the time I got home! No, didn't get pictures of that! But stay tuned... we are in for more of the same for at least the next 45 days, and I'm sure to get more pictures. Sadly, a 12 year old girl from the area lost her life because she went out to see the runoff and fell in and was swept away. I don't think a lot of people were as prepared for the seriousness of this situation as they could have been, and I don't even know if we are as prepared as we should be! I have a 'Go Bag' packed now in case, but don't know where we could go to be safer than we are right here! Our biggest danger is being cut off from the highway if the roads are impassable. We have 4-wheel drive, but it's an older vehicle and I'm not sure it would do too well on really degraded roads. Guess we'll find out!

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