Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dyed fabric - what next?

The fabric I posted about yesterday spent the night on my design board... I came and went several times, studying the piece to see if I got any ideas of how to use it. Today, I split it into two pieces... one to mount on stretcher bars, the other to divide into smaller pieces. I mounted one piece on an 8X10 canvas and coated with a water-matte medium solution. The others I am still auditioning to see how I like the way they look. Here are the audition photos, along with a picture of the one I have already mounted:
This is the one I mounted and coated with water-matte medium

These two are just pinned to a canvas to see how they look. I have left the edges frayed.
I'm not totally sure I like the way the mounted one looks, and may have to consider mounting the others in a different way, but I really love the color and composition! The first one, if rotated 90 degrees to the left, makes me think of the oil spill. The third one definitely reminds me of the fire we just had on our nearby peaks. And I still have the large piece yet to mount... I'll post a picture when I have that done.

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