Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fabric Dyeing

I have a friend who sews professionally, and she recently started making 'Eye Bags', which are filled with flax seed and are designed to be used to releive headaches by freezing the bag and placing over the eyes. She has several massage and physical therapists who are ordering them from her, and she wanted to have me dye some fabric for her to use. Her request was that the fabric be in soft, muted colors that would be relaxing to look at. I dyed 5 yards up yesterday, using Orchid, Lilac and Sage Green in a scrunch pattern. Here is a picture of part of the fabric:

This is more muted than I would normally do for my own use, but I sent her a picture and she loves it! Another satisfied customer...

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Flamingo K said...

That is so pretty, Judy. You did a wonderful job.