Sunday, July 26, 2009

More CD Distortion pix

I reworked one of the single images I posted the other day, adding some beading and some metallic thread to add a little light to the piece:

It's still hard to see, and if I use my photo editor to lighten it too much, it distorts the image. Hopefully, you can see the difference.

On another single image, I used the foil again to enhance the 'arms' of the sunburst. I am very pleased with how the foil is working!
I have a couple more single images left, and the larger pieces. I am contemplating how to finish the larger pieces, and think I will be looking for ways to mount them on a fabric covered board or canvas stretcher bars, then possibly framing. I like the way the smaller ones look framed... more of a finished look than the way a quilt looks. We'll see...

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