Monday, June 29, 2009

Pole Wrap shibori

For several years, I have been trying to use the pole wrap method of shibori to create designs on my clothing items. It is a challenge to wrap a shirt or tank around a pole, wrap with twine or sinew, and 'scrunch' the garment down to create ridges in a manner that creates a striped design. I have seen examples where people use large sewer piping and fabric, and the designs are beautiful. But trying to replicate the look on a shirt using a smaller diameter pipe has not netted the results I have been trying for. But recently, I have begun to try again, making adjustments to how I position the shirt or tank, how I wrap with the twine or sinew, and how I apply the dyes. Today, I got some interesting results, at least on part of the garments:

The pink/dark one is a little different than what I usually get because I folded it down the middle, matching the armholes, in order to get a 'mirror' image.
Here are the backs:
The pink/dark came out weird because part of the back was covered over and the dark dye didn't penetrate. It's not so bad on the black/camel, but notice that there is like a 'ghost' image of the armhole and strap on the right side of the image.
I am in the process of overdyeing the pink/dark, wrapped to expose the under-dyed area, so I will post an update tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Vicki W said...

These are very cool!

dye diana dye said...

Yay, progress! Wrapping garments is a LOT tougher than flat fabric, that's a fact. They look good. :)

Rayna said...

I love the look of shibori but the pole-wrapping is a pain in the neck, IMO. This does not stop me from doing it periodically, however. The tanks came out great second time around.