Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing in action?

I have been a real piker lately when it comes to posting here... needless to say, I have been in an endless cyclone of activity... nothing new there! But most of it has been filling a wholesale order for my tie-dye biz and beefing up my inventory. This Sunday and July 5th I will be setting up in a new venue downtown, which is hoping to take advantage of the crowds who come in for the Farmers' Market a couple of blocks away. I have put off going to try and wait until the weather warms up, and it is looking good so far for Sunday. Meanwhile, here is a picture of one of my recent shirts:

I liked this one well enough to keep it for myself, but dyed some more for the rack yesterday.
On the fiber arts front, I am working on a project I have wanted to try for a long time - a blue jean purse. The other day I went to our local second hand store and got a cute pair of jeans for 99 cents! Can't beat that! I cut off the legs and removed the back pockets... I'm in the middle of embroidering a stylized heart on one of the pockets, and plan to add flowers to the other -- 'Hearts & Flowers' don't ya know? Then I plan to do some more embellishing on the sides of the purse, line it with some cute fabric I picked up awhile back, and add a strap. Then I still have the legs to play with! Woo-hoo! I'll post pix when I finish it.
What else? Well, I've been working for ages, off and on, on an art quilt that has a lot of beading and hand stitching. It sits for awhile, then I remember I need to get cracking on it and get back to the handwork. I am also starting to work on a tie-dye quilt, which will have a 'sampler' look with dyed squares bordered in hand-dyed fabric. Not sure how big, or even what the overall look will be yet, but I have wanted to do one for a long time, so it's on my list! Funny thing about that list... every time I scratch something off, something(s) gets added on and it continues to grow!
Someday, I need to put my toys aside and do a little on the house, too... like cleaning, window washing, seal the deck (didn't I just do that?), tend to the plants... It never ends, does it?


Rayna said...

I'd keep this shirt for myself, too!
Yum yum.

Plain Jane said...

oh yea, love that shirt!!! Congrats on the successful outdoor fair day too!

Melly Testa said...

OH Judy! Your work looks great and it is fantastic how your output is growing!