Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My next attempt

I did another attempt at mokume shibori yesterday on a scrap of t-shirt fabric, along with a medallion just to use up some of the fabric. Here is the result:
I'm still not getting the look I want, but I am enjoying the results I'm getting, even so. And I'm loving the colors! I'm using Dharma's Plum Blossom, Lilac, Golden Yellow and Sage Green.
And I'm sure I will get better results once I have received the Shibori book I sent off for and have a chance to read through the various techniques.


Jackie said...

Love your fabric! I've never thought of dyeing fabric!

Connie Rose said...

I like what you're doing, Judy, and am enjoying watching you progress through it. I have the book you ordered, it is a good one. And thanks for that blog reference yesterday...Elizabeth's work is also very interesting.