Sunday, April 5, 2009

Recycled Art Exhibition Opening Reception

Last night was the Opening of our 7th Annual Recycled Art Exhibition, which is a very popular event with the folk in Flag. We arrived just a few moments after it opened, and the parking lot was already full! As usual, the entries were fabulous. Here are a few pix:

This is a Tryptich using recycled canvases and found objects to add texture

I couldn't get a real good shot of this, but it is wire sculpture... really interesting!

"Marvel Mystery Time" is a mixed media working clock by Greg Mason... he does great found object pieces! This piece received an award for being 'Most Useful'.

This is a great mixed media piece

This is me by 'Waterfall'. I am wearing part of an outfit I made over 18 years ago, and leftover scraps from that fabric were used to make the piece... never throw anything out!

This mixed media piece was made out of bedsprings and an old metal barrel lid!

This is a fabulous piece made by the 5th grade students of Puente De Hozho, and it received the Best of Show (Group) for Student Entries.

Part of the evening's entertainment...

One of the features of the event is to have artists create work to music. In the background, Lyn Matthew and Keith Huling are painting, and in the foreground are dancers performing to drum music.

I would say we had another successful opening!


Connie Rose said...

Gorgeous stuff, Judy. And thanks for sharing a recent photo of you. I like it alot better than your avatar picture -- you look terrific!

TextileTraveler said...

I do love that Waterfall piece, Judy.

Plain Jane said...

great exhibition, great evening! fun!