Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog Award, catching up

I just got a blogger award from Connie Rose! She is one of my favorite fiber artists, and I am honored that she would pass this on to me! Thanks, Connie.

So, if I remember correctly, this award needs to be passed on to six of my favorite bloggers:
1. Melanie Testa who is a great inspiration, friend and teacher to me
2. Cynthia St. Charles, whose work constantly inspires me
3. Deb Lacativa, she makes me laugh, and I love her work!
4. Melody Johnson - I look forward every day to her posts about quilting, gardening, life!
5. Jude Hill - she has a magic way with fiber, thread, and philosophy that constantly inspires
6. Jane LaFazio - what a wonderfully inspiring lady this is, and she knows how to enjoy life!

These are only 6 talented artists whose blogs I follow regularly... there are many more out there! Thank you all for constantly inspiring me to follow my muse!


Cynthia St Charles said...

What a wonderful compliment - I so appreciate your recognition with the "Blog Award" and I see I am in excellent company! Wow! Thanks so much for the honor and also for sharing your wonderful work! Love your garments! C

jude said...

hey... i missed this.... thank you so much! i am just so bad lately with keeping up with things. too much gin and wine! :-) enough....really. thank you again.....