Friday, November 28, 2008

Coming together...

I have had an idea in mind for an art quilt for quite awhile now, and recently started working on it. I have hand-dyed all but one piece of the fabric I am using. I even embellished some of the fabric with acrylic paint, which is a first for me. I used to paint, but hadn't touched my acrylics in a long time. But a class in mixed media with cloth and paper caused me to revisit them, and I decided to get a little experimental with this piece:

So, I am just about ready to begin my free-motion quilting, but want to study it a little longer.

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Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Judy,
Love your blog and your work. Also appreciate the kind comment you left me. Sorry I haven't had a chance to tell you sooner. Things have been a bit crazy of late.

What a wonderful booth you have created! The tent is just great. Hope the rest of this season continues to bring you super sales.

I'll check back soon, Chris