Thursday, October 30, 2008

Latest Round Robin piece

Last spring, I started a Round Robin with 6 other people, and we have been slowly circulating fabrics to each other and adding layers of color and pattern to each. Recently, I received a piece that challenged my imagination... I wasn't sure what to do to add to it, and I couldn't decide what color to add. It came to me with blues, greens, yellow and white(silver), and it "felt" cold to my eye. I studied it off and on while working on other projects, auditioning ideas for techniques, designs, colors, etc. Finally, it occurred to me that I needed to come up with something that would add warm tones to the piece. I discarded the idea of using dyes, because anything at this point that I could add would most likely muddy the piece. I decided to try Lumiere fabric paint, although I had never used it before. I still wasn't sure how I would apply it, and also wasn't sure which of two colors I would decide on. I ended up with Halo Pink Gold, because it added warmth, and at the last minute I created a 'squiggle' stencil, and used a foam brush to dab the paint thru the stencil. Here is the result:

I stencilled the squiggle in blank areas over the entire piece of fabric:
They don't show up well in this picture unless you click to see a larger image. I'm pleased because the Lumiere did what I wanted it to do, and it was easy to work with. I have learned a lot so far in this Round Robin!

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