Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ooh! I like it!

Yesterday I started rust-dyeing 2 new pieces: the first, I wrapped around the rebar again, and wrapped metal wire around the top and bottom to hold the fabric, and wrapped my piece of chicken wire around the middle. The second, I wrapped around a metal 'c' bracket, and wrapped the chain around the fabric. The latter hardly registered any rust, even though the metal pieces have been rusting nicely. I put that piece in a margerine tub, doused with vinegar, and put in a plastic bag out on the deck to heat today. The rebar piece stayed in the laundry room, propped up in the rinse sink all day. Here's the rebar piece:

The markings on the left are from the rebar. The right and bottom staining came from the rebar but in the form of runoff I think. It's like the vinegar washed the rust onto the fabric from the rebar itself. Also, on the lower right are some 'resist' marks which may have come from the wire wrapping. I'm really encouraged by this piece. Oh, and the fabric is a different weave than my previous attempts. I dug it out of the stash, and think it might be kona cloth. I may jump in and try this on cotton jersey next, just to see how it would take the rust. Too many ideas, not nearly enough time! Oh, and the second piece has been sent back to the tub with bolts banded into it, and washers too... tomorrow, the unwrap!

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Plain Jane said...

oh, i love it. All rust is good!!