Monday, July 7, 2008

Dyeing weekend

I managed to get some time to dye for myself this weekend, as well as for a friend. After cleaning house on Friday (which was looooooooong overdue!) I dyed 2 dresses for my friend Dede, then pulled some blank stock to dye for my etsy shop, website, and a show I will be setting up at in November. I had lots of dyes leftover from previous projects, and wanted to use some up, so I dyed several pieces using Low Water Immersion. Here are 2 that I particularly like:

I really like the organic design I got on these two, and have no idea how old the dyes were, but they did the job!
I have also begun to make covered journals, and will post pix when I have a few completed. Great way to use some of the complex cloth fabrics I have been accumulating, as well as some of the other fabrics I have dyed.
Well, it's Monday, so back to work I go, but soon I will be able to get up on Monday and head down the hall to the studio! Yaaaah.....

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