Saturday, May 24, 2008

Playdate pix

My friend Linda and I got together today to do some deconstructed screen printing. I did it once last year in the class I took, but Linda had never tried it. In addition, I decided to stamp over a monoprint I did at the April play date, and also did a little discharge dyeing using my net bag over a monoprint from April. Here are pix of the results:

This is my screen printed 3 times with just thickener

Here is a closeup of the screen

I used turquoise dye for the 4th pull. As you can see, the design is starting to break down. By the time I pulled a 5th print, it had degraded considerably. We were using Dharma's Superclear for thickener instead of print mix or sodium alginate, and it wasn't as thick a consistency as I think we needed. Still, I like the design, and since I drew it on the screen with permanent marker, I can try it again with one of the other thickeners.

Here is Linda's screen - I think she did a great job, considering she has never tried this before, and just had my example to go by!

The yellow and orange on this piece was a monoprint I did last month. I added the turquoise aztec sun stamps today.

This was a fuschia monoprint I did last month; today, I used a foam roller to apply diswashing gel with bleach over nylon netting I had stretched over the fabric, creating the net design.

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Melly Testa said...

i miss you! looks like fun.