Thursday, September 27, 2007

And so we begin...

September 200, 2004. Since I have always been a bit chatty, and have always loved to write, I decided the time has come to add a new feature to my site, which has little to do with my tie-dye, but has a great deal to do with me. I will probably add to this page as the muse strikes, and hopefully when I have something worthwhile to say. I am not opening my blog up to allow others to comment on my ramblings... this is not designed to be conversational. Rather, it is more a journal or log to record observations, fits of fancy, or other bits of cyber-flotsam and jetson that come tumbling out of my head in the wee hours when I should be fast asleep. Alas! I have a brain that refuses to go back to sleep once it has been awakened, and quite often will keep me tossing and turning for hours after I retire. So this little blog may be my version of sleeping powders! Who knows? More will be revealed...Ta for now.

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