Sunday, September 15, 2019

Open Studios report, more Eco Printing and Bubba

Well, the dust has settled after another year's Flagstaff Open Studios tour!  I had good sales again this year, although my fellow artists at our location were not as fortunate.  We had a smaller turnout than last year, and more lookers than buyers.  Even so, it was a nice weekend.
Day one, standing in my booth area.

My bowls and cards

A large selection of clothing and scarves, many which went to new homes.  Yaay!

The next week I got set back up at Arts Connection Gallery, and have had good sales so far... hopefully a sign of how things will be doing this fall and winter.  I haven't had time to take pictures of my display, but it looks a lot like my booth shots above, only in a gallery setting.

Meanwhile, the crazy leaf lady has been squirreling away leaves in bins, and some in a freezer in the garage, so I can keep eco printing!  I have recently completed some more scarves, which I think are even better than the first 2 I did:
Above, a close shot of a Silk Satin Scarf

This is a Habotai Silk Scarf - note the subtle coloring of the leaves.

A Crepe de Chine... very shimmery and soft.
I think I'm finally ready to put some in the gallery, and I have more blanks on order, so this will be my fall-winter offering for gift buyers this year.  

On a sad note, Bubba crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  He was almost 15 1/2 years old, and had been going downhill since April, with a couple of rallies.  It was time.  He gets my award for the Alltime Sweetest Kitty ever, and will always own my heart and my love.  Sweet dreams, my Sweet Bubba Boy... 💔😢