Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Prelude, Bubba and yet another new project!

August 3 was the Opening Reception for this year's Prelude exhibit at Arts Connection Gallery:
Shown here:  Dolores Ziegler, who works in acrylic paint and collage; Cinde Dalhover, our
host for the upcoming Flagstaff Open Studios Tour; me, and Louise Waller, who works in a multitude of 2D and 3D mediums.  We are 4 of the 7 artists who will be at Studio 11, located at Cinde's home.
Here are the 2 pieces I submitted as examples of my work:

The jacket has since sold, and been replaced with another.  
For those in the Flagstaff area at the end of August, we will be at 9815 E. Townsend Winona Rd Saturday and Sunday, 8/24-25, open from 10 am to 5 pm.  Come see us!

On the Bubba front, I will say that he has fully recovered from the issues he was suffering a couple of months ago.  He still occasionally has slight digestive issues, but nothing compared to what he went through.  Thank goodness! 

Meanwhile, back at the studio, I have started to take my first tentative steps into learning Eco Printing... using leaves and foliage from the yard to make impressions on paper and fabric.  I did a lot of lurking on facebook groups, poring over posts in pinterest and google searches for information on the process before taking the plunge.  I first learned how to tie-dye almost 22 years ago, and there was a lot more straightforward info on process for tie-dye!  With eco-printing, it seems like no two artists use exactly the same processes or methods, and it makes learning a bit of a challenge.  I am convinced that if I keep at this for 22 years, I might have it figured out, but it will take continuing to study and experiment.  But I am encouraged by my first efforts!  I started (thanks to my friend Beth in Maine!) by trying a batch of watercolor papers cut to a size I could use in cards:

I was truly amazed and thrilled when I unwrapped this first batch, and it hooked me!  I know that I will be doing many more of these, and have submitted two to the gallery to be juried in, since this is a totally different medium from my usual work.
Next, I decided to try 2 scarves - a chiffon, and a habotai silk.  The initial results were very pale, almost not noticeable, so I steeped them in leaf "tea":

I also used some strips of muslin, dipped in an iron solution that were part of the bundle I steamed.  I didn't get pictures of them at that point, but decided to experiment a little after with steeping the muslin in a "tea" I  brewed from the leaves used in the printing process.  And I made a batch of black tea, so I could compare the two.  Here is a shot showing one of the muslin strips as it came out of the steaming bundle, one that was steeped in black tea and one steeped in leaf tea:

Now I know the leaf tea has more color, but that could be totally different next time!

Now I have to start saving and drying leaves, to carry me through the winter!  I love that I have a large variety to harvest right in our yard, but also plan to go on leaf gathering trips around town to scoop up some that don't grow in our yard... leaf lady is coming!  Stay tuned for further developments, and news about this year's Open Studios tour!