Saturday, July 6, 2019

Creating, nursing and recovering

I have been very busy in the studio this month, continuing with my fabric note cards and working on the items I will be displaying in the Prelude Art Exhibit in August, which precedes our annual Flagstaff Open Studios tour the last weekend in August.
Here are some of the new card designs I worked on:

It took quite awhile to get this just right, but then I was able to make 3 more of a similar pattern.  I'm learning how to design, then create the process for replicating once I have the design the way I want it.  Then it's much faster to make more.

The one above was inspired by an abstract I saw on Pinterest, my go-to place for inspiration and ideas.  Again, I finished one, then used it as my basis for the remaining 3.

I have been wanting to do more with autumn leaves, and this one came together fairly quickly because I already had the leaves made for a previous project... these were left over.
I love Sunflowers, and this one is the first of several I have made... mostly with hand dyed fabric, although the center of the flower is a batik.  This design taught me it's not always best to fuse everything before stitching.  Any future ones, I will probably do the stitching before I fuse the center of the flower and the leaf.  Then I will go back in and stitch them and the outer edges.  It's all a learning process!

On the "nursing front", our 15 year old cat Bubba has had issues with bad teeth, which I took him in to have checked a few months ago.  However, the vet discovered he has a heart murmur, and was concerned he might not be able to survive going under anesthesia.  So I have been working to find foods he doesn't have to chew.  I thought I had found the solution with a kibble that was smaller, but he continued to have digestive issues, culminating in a loss of appetite, weight loss and weakness.  I made an appointment to take him to the vets, fully expecting that it would be the last time... but over the weekend, his appetite began to return.  I had bought a new wet food that is much softer, so he can lick it up, and I was encouraged.  Monday, we went to the vet, and Bubba got really stressed by the trip, having his temperature taken thru his bum, and being poked and prodded... he was panting for air, and I was very concerned.  They gave him a couple of shots, some anti nausea meds, hydrated him.  I took him home, let him rest, and started encouraging him to eat and drink water.  Within a couple of days, his appetite came back... with a vengeance!  He loves his new food, is eating like a champ... his hind legs are still weak, and the vet did recommend a joint supplement which I will be starting him on tonight.  We'll see how things go, but I don't think he's used up all 9 lives just yet!

Lastly, I have been working on the 2 items I will be showing at Arts Connection Gallery in August.  They are representative of my wearable art and coiled fabric bowls:

This is one of my rayon jackets.  It's hard to see all the colors on the mannequin, so I hung it on a cafe rod in my bathroom where I normally hang an art quilt.  this is the back side.

This is one of my bowls with a lid.  You can't see the button I used for a knob... I painted it to match the fabric, which is turquoise with gold enhancements.  I'm glad to have them done so I can keep working on my fabric cards... my new obsession!