Sunday, January 20, 2019

More stitch meditations

This has become my new obsession, and a lovely way to get back into doing hand stitching.  I spend time each day adding stitches and perhaps some embellishments to 4 inch squares of fabric:

I'm enjoying the process, and it is very calming to an overactive mind!  
But being who I am, I started wondering what I could do with these little squares... other than have them pile up and clutter an already insanely chaotic studio:

So here are a few groupings of the meditations:

I also trimmed one down and mounted it on a 4 inch canvas:
I'm sure there are other ways to use these, and will continue to mull that over... just not
while I'm stitching.  I am really enjoying the time I spend on these!  Plenty of time to hatch new
ways to use them... later!