Sunday, April 8, 2018

Coiled Bowl Class and "Blue Lady"

I taught my first Coiled Fabric Bowl class yesterday at our local quilt store, Odegaard's Sewing.  I had 7 lovely ladies as my students - one was a self-confessed complete novice to sewing - and they were just great!  We had a four hour class, and I took them through the whole process with some individual coaching where needed.  Here are some shots of the class, and a group shot at the end (one lady had to leave early, but all the others were either finished with their bowl or real close!)

I am teaching the class again May 5, and I hope the next group is as great to work with as these gals were.

On another note, I have been getting back into making "Spirit Dolls", something I began dabbling in about a year ago.  Here are the ones I made last year:

I loved how these came out, but I think I have taken my dolls to a new level with the one I just finished:

I call her "Blue Lady".  One of the things I like is the face, which is one of 3 I bought from Lyn Belisle.  She makes them from clay and they are fired, then painted.  The features are lovely, and the size is a little larger than the ones I made from a mold.  "Blue Lady is about 20" long and 9" wide at the arms.  
Now that I have more wood to work with, and a plethora of fabrics, yarns and other fiber and bead embellishments, I hope to have some sisters for her soon... and they will be on display at the Arts Connection Gallery in the Flagstaff Mall starting in May.  Come by and welcome the ladies!