Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A brief side trip

I got sidetracked a little this past week from my regular routine of dyeing shirts, making coiled bowls, etc.  My blogger buddy Lynda Heines posted a tutorial about how to make cloth dolls, and I decided to try her method which was a little different than one I had made last year.  Here is my doll:

I like how this came out, but decided to do a little on-line search for other types of Spirit Doll, and found another tutorial by Joanna Powell Colbert which is quite different, and it intrigued me.  So several days were devoted to gathering twigs, culling through my stash of fabric, yarns, etc.  Here are the 4 I made from her tutorial:
I finally had to pack everything up yesterday and hit the reset button in order to get back on track, but I don't think these will be the only ones that come of my new obsession!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

July in review

July just flew by in a flurry of dyes, fabric and wax!  Continuing to experiment with ice dyeing, I decided to try swirls to see how they would come out.  Here are a few examples:
Brazil Nut

Sage Green

Sage Green
I'm working to build up my stock in colors that guys as well as gals would like, thus the softer more subtle look.

As promised in my last post, I have begun to build up my stock of Autumn Leaves shirts, as well as adding the pattern and colors to my Waterfall Jacket collection:
Autumn Leaves Batik with Brazil nut background

Autumn Leaves batik with Moss Green background

I plan to have a large selection of these ready for our 19th Annual Flagstaff Open Studios tour August 27 & 28

Our Prelude Exhibit Opening Reception was held at the Artists' Coalition Gallery again this year, and we had a great turn-out!
With my friend Cinde at the Opening Reception

Full house at the Opening Reception

My Vase with Flowers sold that night!

So here we are in August, and I am working to prepare for Open Studios, followed immediately by a return of my booth to the Gallery in September, then Autumn Leaves and Holly show at the end of October.  Never a dull moment, but I'm having a wonderful time!