Saturday, March 26, 2016

A few new things...

Can't believe how long it's been since I posted... yikes!  Just a few things to share, even though I've been keeping busy.  First off, a fellow artist at the Artist' Coalition Gallery gifted me with a number of silk veils/shawls and some dyes in colors I have not tried before.  I dyed one to see the colors and love how it turned out:
I used Plum, Amethyst and Ultra-Violet Procion MX dyes... love the rich colors!
Next on my show and tell is a bowl I just finished.  It's the first one I have tried with an outward curling edge... a bit of a challenge to keep the wrapped cords together while stitching, but I think I did okay:
I used hand-dyed fabric, then brushed a little metallic paint on the squiggle to add some visual interest.
A couple of weeks ago, my friend Joyce and I took a trip to Sedona to pick up my friend Sherrie, who is vacationing for the month with her husband Dave.  Joyce, Sherrie and I traveled to Prescott Valley and Prescott to visit fabric shops and have lunch.  The day went way too fast!  Here we are in front of the house back in Sedona:
We all dressed in shades of blue, can you believe it?  I nicknamed us the "Turquoise Sisters"!
Last on the list is a project I found instructions for on-line, my favorite resource for "how to"!
I call this a River Rock Cozy... haven't done any fine crocheting in a long time, but I really love these, so will probably be making more soon as I find some more rocks!
I hope to have more to report soon... I just bought my first Jacquard Green Label dyes, and have begun experimenting with them using the Watercolor method.  Hope to have pix soon!