Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bowls and pots...

It's been a busy productive month, and I just wanted to share a couple of my latest creations!  I recently made another seed pot, this one from a fabric I picked up at a local thrift shop:

Since I took this picture, I bought some copper colored eucalyptus sprigs and replaced the rust colored ones... looks better to me.  I love the black walnut branches... not real durable, but the shapes are so beautiful!
My next project was to create a covered bowl with a little experimental edge:
I really love how this came out!  I call it "Carousel" because it reminds me of the carousels that used to come to town with the carnival in the summer, when I was a little girl.  No animal rides on thiis one, but still... I will be using the zig-zag technique on more projects, I'm sure!

No other finished projects to show right now.  I am currently trying to organize my mish-mash of embroidery floss, and bought cards to wind them around and another container to store them.  And I am also dyeing some fabric to use in future bowls.  
Coming up in a couple of weeks:  A day trip with my friend Joyce to visit Prescott and some fabric stores... my stash of batik fabrics is getting low, and there is one store, Cloth Plus, that has a fabulous selection.  Joyce and I make an annual trip south around this time of year to get a dose of warmth, shop and enjoy a day away from our projects... can't wait!