Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jeez! How time flies...

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post... almost 2 months!  And I don't have a whole lot of creative results to show for it!  Sometimes I have to do really mundane things like cleaning, yard work, run errands... sigh!  But I also got in a new show in nearby Williams, Arizona last weekend.  Had pretty good sales on Saturday, and a nice group of folks from Kiwanis hosted the event, so it was a nice event.  I have also been puttering in the studio, and took some pictures of what's going on in there:

I've been wanting to do some "therapy sewing" ala Rayna Gillman, author of "Create Your Own Freeform Quilts", one of my favorite resources for how to use up some of my ever-growing fabric stash.  So today, I pulled out the bins and separated out pieces of fabric into piles, then pressed and color sorted them,
I still have at more to press and sort, and least one bin to sort through, but I feel like I have a good start.
Next, I hung a couple of my mounted hand dyed fabrics, so I could enjoy them.
"Vision Quest"

I dyed these pieces in 2013, and have stored them except for a couple of times when I exhibited them... time for me to enjoy them, especially now that the new studio is completed... great place to have my own in-house exhibit!
I also decided to enjoy  some of my coiled bowls instead of keeping them packed away. 

What's next?  Well, I need to create 2 pieces for our annual Flagstaff Open Studios tour's Prelude Exhibit coming up in August, and I haven't got a clue what I will be doing!  We will each be allowed to show two pieces this year, and I want them to be special.  So that's what I'm hoping to accomplish in the next month... wish me luck!

Summer is right around the corner, and I also hope to get some time in on the yard.  I have overwintered several Geraniums this year, and they will be a welcome addition of color to the landscape, hopefully attracting Humming Birds, Butterflies and bees... just need to wait until the last danger of frost is past, somewhere around June 15. 

Okay, time to get busy!  Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of  "... Stop the World!  I want to Create!"  *;) winking