Monday, April 6, 2015

New Tutorial!

I have been wanting for some time to create a tutorial on soy wax batik, a technique I have enjoyed using for several years now.  I have posted a number of times on various projects where I have used soy wax... even created a class hand-out demonstrating a couple of techniques I use.  Recently, I saw a post on Carol Eaton's blog describing a project where she used soy wax, and I commented on the post.  We e-mailed back and forth about some difficulty she had removing the wax, and the end result was an invitation from her to be a guest blogger so I could share the techniques I use for applying and removing the wax.  So, thanks to Carol, I have finally added a tutorial to my blog! Just click on the Tutorial tab above and scroll down to the link.  It's not a video like some of my others, but it has lots of process pictures and written guides to help you along.  So if you've been wanting to try soy wax batik, I hope this will encourage you to give it a try!  Here are a few examples of projects where I have used it:
Stamped with found objects, then dye painted 

Stamped with found objects, dye painted, mounted on painted canvas

Autumn leaves stamped on with sponge stamps over a pre-dyed shirt, then over-dyed with browns